Importance of play in overall child development

Importance of play in overall child development

Children are curious by nature and are born explorers. They explore the world that they live in by manipulating in other words, playing with any and everything around them. 

As adults, we think of play as a form of entertainment. But studies have proven that play is the most natural form of learning and developing crucial life skills for children. 

As children grow and are able to grasp and reach the objects kept around them, they manipulate each object for long, which helps them to learn and understand various concepts such as – textures, cause-and-effect relationships, Science, Math, etc. 

Play not only teaches educational concepts but also helps in developing crucial life skills. The benefits of play are innumerable; however, to mention a few – 

  • Physical development: play encourages all-around physical development as large and small body muscle movements are involved.
  • Social and emotional development: as children play in groups and share toys and other play materials, they learn to maintain positive relationships. 
  • Street smart: while children play with puzzles, shape sorters and other such toys, they develop problem-solving skills and learn to overcome challenges which helps them grow into smart adults. 
  • Developing perseverance: playing with challenging toys in which children try and keep trying till they are able to complete the given task; helps them develop perseverance. 
  • Promotes creativity: when children play with open-ended toys such as pretend play kits or blocks, their imagination and creativity have no bounds. The various ways in which these toys can be used are vast and children just naturally know to explore them. 

The importance of play is boundless; No Wonder Why ‘PLAY’ Is Universal.

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