Parental Involvement in Children’s Education

Parental Involvement in Children’s Education

Parents are the most important relationships that children have. When children are born, they are absolutely unaware of the world that they live in. Everything that children learn is from parents; hence we often hear the term ‘she is a replica of her father/mother’.

Children need guidance from their parents to do everything that is required for living; such as - eating, drinking, cleaning, dressing up, education, etc.

Parental involvement is essential to develop in children, a love for learning and to have a positive attitude towards education and school. 

Through parental involvement, teaching extends beyond the classrooms and gives children live experiences to become lifelong learners. 

Supportive parents tend to raise children with higher confidence levels who are ready to take risks; they also develop higher levels of social and emotional skills. 

Studies show that parental involvement reduces dropout rates, absenteeism and improves student performance. 

Schools and universities have recognised the importance of parental involvement and encourage parents to participate in various ways such as –

Attending events, field trips and special days

  • Forming parent committees 
  • Substituting for teachers
  • Reading to children at home and monitoring their homework
  • Discussing with children about their day at school
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